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Please Note: On Custom Orders, price will vary depending on the order and size of the board.
Once you have submitted the form, a quote will be provided (via e-mail or by phone) for your approval prior to processing.

Here is the form to fill out for your custom design. If you have any questions or this form does not make you feel completely comfortable with your specifications simply call and I would be glad to speak with you personally to ensure the custom board you deserve.


Name, Phone, Address and Email address is for contact purposes if needed





Weight, Height, and level (surfing ability) is used to help the shaper design the board so that it works best for you.




Board Type is where you tell me what style of board you are interested in.

Board Type

Dimensions are used to determine the general shape your board will have and help the shaper know exactly what you are looking for. Nose and tail dimensions are not needed, but some surfers are very specific to design and dimensions.






Notes is a section used for anything you want to specify or generalize to help the shaper understand what you are looking for in your surfboard.


GLASSING INSTRUCTIONS is a section mostly used by the person who will glass your surfboard. If you are not sure of the TOP or BOTTOM glassing just leave it blank and the glasser will use the standard fiberglass found on most surfboards.

Top Glass

Bottom Glass

Graphics is where you can explain what type of airbrush or colors you want on the board.


Finish refers to the way you want your board to look.
Sanded is the most common these days because it is a little lighter in weight and popular among competitive surfers. It appears dull in luster, but a high gloss finish has a brilliant shine, makes the graphics really “pop“, adds strength, and helps the board to last longer.
Semi-gloss is the best of both worlds. Light, strong, and looks good too.


Fin Setup is very important to your custom surfboard and you must decide if you want a single fin, twin fin, thruster (3), or the quad(4).
You also must specify if you want glassed in fins, FCS, or another type of removable fin system.

Fin Setup

Fin System