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I appreciated Tom’s ability to take my surfing experience into consideration while he shaped my board. Before riding Turtle Surfboards I was surfing a 6’8”. Tom was familiar with my surfing and he always told me I needed a shape that was more progressive so I let him shape my next board.

Now, my new board still has a lot of float, but is more dynamic. I can actually catch waves easier with this smaller board (6’3”) than I could with my 6’8”. Plus, the board is easier to turn so it’s loose and it holds the line well when it needs to. The shape works well in smaller waves providing plenty of speed and is fast and responsive in sizable surf too. I’m really happy with it and I told Tom I will let him know if I find any flaws- I don’t suspect I will. My Turtle Surfboard helped me through a surfing “slump.” Now, I’m having fun again and progressing. It is the “go to” board of my quiver.

-Scott S. (New Jersey)


Everyone was checking the board out at Cabanas. Finally, some waves arrived and I was able to get it in the water. It‘s a sweet shape and rides well. It is just what I asked for. Thanks!

-Steve Groetcsh (Cape May)


I’ve been riding my 9’0” Turtle Surfboard for just over 2 years and I am very happy with the overall shape and performance of this board. I had requested a “nose-rider” shape and this is exactly what I got. The board planes easily and sustains its speed on small waves, but is also able to perform well in larger surf. When I first got this board I used to only take it out when the conditions were too small to have much fun on my short board. However, I’ve been so happy with it’s performance, my Turtle Longboard has become my preferred board for nearly all conditions.

-Dave Golden (Cape May, NJ)